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Dianne Marino

New York, NY
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At age 12, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) in Boston. JRA has taken quite a toll on me ever since. I moved to NYC in '82, and worked as a journalist/TV producer until I had to retire on disability in 2001.

My hip started hurting in early 1992. When I was told by my rheumatologist that I needed a hip replacement, I was so terrified of the surgery that I kept putting it off. Then, in '94 when the pain was so bad that it hurt just to lift my leg up from the street to the sidewalk, I decided to go ahead with it. Dr. Douglas Padgett & his team were absolutely amazing!!! He was very kind, patiently listened to my many questions & his answers were very easy to understand. (I've seen a LOT of doctors in my life, & if a doctor is dictatorial, or impatient with my questions, I leave.) The surgery at HSS & recovery were so much easier & faster than I'd expected, & everyone at HSS was so wonderful! So, the next year, when my other hip started hurting, I went right to Dr. Padgett and he replaced it.

Then, around 2008/2009, my right shoulder started to hurt (I'm right-handed). I was referred to Dr. Edward Craig at HSS & he replaced my shoulder. Dr. Craig was also very kind & my recovery was great. I'm now retired & I'm able to paint at the Art Students League - it's such a wonderful & fulfilling hobby!

Then, in 2015, the outside of my right foot, near my ankle, started to hurt a lot. I was referred to Dr. David Levine at HSS. He surgically fused two bones in the calcaneo-cuboid joint. His physician assistant, Lisa Pearson, and his office staff are also amazing! The recovery is long - I was non-weight-bearing on my right foot for 3 months - but I rented a knee scooter for indoors, a wheelchair so my husband could easily take me outside, a shower bench, etc. - and it was totally worth it!

Then, last Fall, my left foot started to hurt in the same area. So, of course, I went back to Dr. Levine & he did the same surgery on my left foot this January - 12 days after I turned 70!

This August, my husband & I went on vacation in Massachusetts & went hiking in the woods just northeast of Boston. I was 100% PAIN-FREE!!!

I am FOREVER grateful to all my HSS doctors, physician assistants, nurses, lab techs, anesthesiologists, office staff, equipment rental staff, and all those at HSS who have contributed to my happy, healthy, pain-free and mobile life!!! THANK YOU, HSS!!!