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Diane DelVecchio

New Rochelle, NY
  • Diane DelVecchio in the photo 1

One day in April of 2010, I experienced terrible back pain and couldn't walk without crying. There had been pain in the past, but I ignored it. Over the next 9 months, I tried everything possible including physical therapy, therapeutic massage, spinal decompression, and epidurals. My spine moved away from the pain, and my body was horribly twisted, but I was afraid of back surgery. I have a demanding sales job and was barely able to go to work, but the rest of my very active life was on hold; I hung out on the couch praying for a miracle cure.

When nothing worked and I realized that I needed surgery, the first doctor that I consulted told me that I might not ever stand straight again; the second misdiagnosed me and told me that I needed to have 4 vertebrae fused. Dr. Rawlins was my 4th consultation, and I knew that he was the right doctor for me; he felt that the scoliosis was pain induced and that only 2 vertebrae needed to be fused, instead of the 4 that had been recommended.

Surgery was a breeze – the surgical team was top notch and follow-up and recovery were great. I was back doing hot yoga 4 months after surgery. My 50th birthday arrived with a “50 Is The New 30” birthday bash and was I rappelling after 7 months. It is now 5 years after the surgery and I recently received the best compliment ever when I attended a wedding and discussed my surgery with one of my boyfriend’s coworkers. Later on, his wife said to him, “If Geoff’s girlfriend can move like THAT, you need to have the surgery!”

Thank you HSS and Dr. Rawlins for giving me back my life!


Diane DelVecchio