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Dianalee Velie

Newbury, NH
  • Dianalee Velie in the photo 1

As a writer, I find selecting a superlative adjective to describe the miracle of Dr. Russell Windsor's expertise a difficult task. There are no words powerful enough to praise him for how his healing hands changed my life.

After a knee replacement in February 2012, subsequent revision, infection, replacement removal, six week hospitalization on an IV drip, six weeks at home hopping around with no knee, replacement again, knee now collapsing inward with NO stability, another revision, I was told the condition was now so bad no technology existed to correct the growing problem. I was almost ready to resign myself to never walking again.

Thank God I found HSS and contacted Dr. Russell Windsor! He took everything out, replaced the old mechanics and started anew. It is so hard to describe the euphoria I felt the morning after surgery and stood on my own two feet. Tears of joy rained as I learned I could walk again. Dr. Russell Windsor is a remarkable gift to his profession and HSS. I only wish I had gone to him first. He is a hero!