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Diana Fennelly

Montclair, NJ
  • Diana Fennelly in the photo 1

I have been struggling with leg pain for the last three years and doing PT on an off with some success. Right before Labor Day my leg pain became so severe that I could not stand or sit for more than five minutes without unbearable pain. I was referred to Dr. Griffin via the HSS Referral Line and his assistant heard my plight and quickly scheduled an appointment for me. I was literally in tears from the pain just getting from the car up to the 5th floor the day of the appointment.

Dr. Griffin quickly assessed the situation and Victoria was able to schedule an MRI the same day. It was determined that my L5 was moderately herniated but leaning on my S1 nerve and I was scheduled for an epidural the following week.

The idea of the epidural was a little daunting but Dr. Griffin and the staff at HSS put me at ease and the procedure was painless. I had no pain at the injection site and I gradually started to recover. At my two week followup Dr. Griffin recommended a second epidural in a slightly different spot and now it's been nearly a month and I am pain free. I recently returned to my barre class with some modifications. It is the first time in nearly four years that I am pretty much pain free. No more looking for places to sit down when I walk my dogs!