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Desiree Kessler

New York, NY
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Shortly after giving birth, my right hand and arm were feeling weak. I went to HSS in search for a hand specialist. Almost immediately I was rerouted to the Neurology Department. Since the day Dr. Lange and Dr. Goldstein diagnosed me their team has been with me throughout every step of my journey from the beginning to help me accept and understand my condition to more than 5 years later now that my condition has progressed throughout my body. They help me control the aspects I am able to - whether it's a new treatment or therapy to my diet and nutrition to help keep my weight up and body strong - and always making sure any pain is managed and my body remains aligned and comfortable. It's through their support and my wonderful family's love that I am able to participate in daily school functions with my now 5 and a half year old daughter, I am able to witness and celebrate milestones with my loving tough-as-nails husband, and share holidays and make memories with my extended family and friends. I can't imagine going through this journey without the awesome team at HSS.