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Denise Smith

Pearl River, NY
  • Denise Smith in the photo 1

In the year 2008 my medical disability took a turn to not only change who I was as a person but my relationship and trust with doctors. After a horrible spinal fusion done by another hospital and multiple hospital stays and ER visits, I was determined and scared to find a surgeon who would one want to help me or even want to take on another surgeons work. I knew something was wrong and the pain was indescribable. I researched for the best spine surgeon and I found out that was Dr. Matthew Cunningham. I called his office and told his nurse/office manager my story. Her name was Tina Miller and she made me feel like there was HOPE. Tina was the most AMAZING, CARING person I have ever met!!! Tina told me what I had to bring for my visit with Dr. Cunningham. When I went for my visit with Dr. Matthew Cunningham I was so nervous. Dr. Cunningham's bed side manner and knowledge was unbelievable. When I told him my symptoms and for the past year all my hospital stays he said, "Don't worry, I will help you". The next stage was to schedule a surgery to find out the problem. That's when you have to deal with Tina. Tina is very knowledgeable, professional and sympathetic person I know. Tina knew I was scared and she told me where to go for all the pre-testing and even made my appointments for me with HSS. I could not have asked for anything better. You feel LOVED by them. Finally my surgery came and Dr. Cunningham was AMAZING he made me feel so calm. After surgery, we found out that I had MRSA from my prior surgery at another hospital. This is when my difficult case started. With multiple medical problems that arose with every surgery, I was so grateful to the HSS staff and Dr. Matthew Cunningham. He is my HERO!! Tina and Dr. Cunningham ALWAYS go overboard to help me. After every one of my surgeries Dr. Cunningham has been WONDERFUL he has to be the BEST surgeon I have ever known. His knowledge is so overwhelming. Right before I go into surgery, just seeing Dr. Cunningham and him explaining what he is going to do literally makes me feel so safe. I am so BLESSED to have Dr. Matthew Cunningham as my surgeon. My comfort level with recognizing my medical disability and my relationship with my physician is all centered around Tina who represents the first point of contact with the office. Tina not only is a conduit to Dr. Matthew Cunningham and the patients, she has represented a lifeline for me during my medical issues.