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Denise Prindle

New City, NY
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I highly recommend Dr. Matthew Roberts at HSS. I've had bilateral foot problems my whole life. As a nurse for 29 years, I'm on my feet a lot. My congenital hammertoes and a bunion brought me to HSS years ago. However, over the past 10 years my bunion returned and my right foot became badly disfigured from a bunion as well. Last year my knees started to hurt. I stopped going to the gym and lived and worked in constant pain. My husband convinced me (finally) to return to HSS to see if my feet could be "fixed". I reached out to Dr. Matthew Roberts after reading his profile and watching his video on the HSS site. I got an appointment within a few weeks.

Dr. Roberts knew exactly what caused my foot deformities and empathized with my eagerness to simply walk without pain. X-rays showed I had dislocated joints as well. Dr. Roberts explained how he would proceed to operate on my right foot (first) and guaranteed I wouldn't have pain on the bottom of the foot when I walked.

The complicated surgery was a success and my post-op recovery was much better than expected. The popliteal nerve block remained for 48 hours. Pain management was successful with medications prescribed by Dr. Roberts and doing what I had to do to recover. It meant keeping my foot elevated a lot and limited activity for weeks, as expected. However, three months later I've returned to work and, more importantly, the gym where I've resumed cardio and weight-training.

Back in the Game: Round Two

I returned to Dr. Roberts for surgery on my left foot in March 2015.  The outcomes are similar: a good recovery; no more pain in my foot; back to work, exercise, and....in the game!

Dr. Roberts guaranteed success and came through for me....twice. He again gave me plenty of his time at each visit; was available via email and phone when I had questions/concerns; always reviewed my x-rays with me; and consistently asked if I was happy.

Dr. Roberts has changed my life within a year's time. He successfully operated on both feet and gave me a "new matched set". I went on vacation in Florida recently and was able to walk barefoot in the pool <em>without pain</em>. What an awesome feeling! My feet look and feel normal now. I can wear sandals and comfortable shoes for the first time in many years. I used to hide my feet and now I can't stop taking pictures of them to show my friends and family. I am so happy.

Dr. Roberts is my hero once again!