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Denise Gesumaria

Cranford, NJ

There was never a doubt in my mind that if I ever needed orthopedic surgery, I would contact Hospital for Special Surgery.

When arthritis in both of my knees caused enough pain to impair my walking and for me to stop ball room dancing, I called HSS. I chose to have an evaluation by Dr. John MacGillivray, an orthopedic surgeon.

I tried Effluexa shots on both knees and when this treatment did not bring any relief, I agreed with Dr. Mac Gillivray that it was time to schedule knee replacement surgery. Veronica, the doctor's office assistant, and I had had lengthy phone conversations to understand what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

I dedicated the year 2015 to having knee replacement surgery in February and September. I can happily say that nearly 12 months later I have regained my mobility, though I am still working on building strength and endurance. It is a pleasure to say I don't have to think twice to get up and move. Thank you Dr. MacGillivray and staff at HSS!