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Denis Streiff

Old Greenwich, CT
  • Denis Streiff in the photo 1

Now that it’s been 8 months since surgery, I can confirm full recovery and resumption of all sports activities, yoga, tennis, hiking this summer and skiing this week of Christmas.

One day after surgery following a skiing injury (End April 2018), I was able to move around the house.

Getting back to work after 1 week (I would suggest you work from home as much as long as you can, if possible, to reduce the swelling), using a walking brace for 6 weeks, and travelling long distance overseas after 7 weeks.

Physical therapy (about 15 sessions in total) was quickly supplemented by resuming yoga practice, first back to basic level then to regular yoga classes after 8 weeks.

2 months after surgery, I could dance with my daughter at her wedding, and 1 1/2 month later I went hiking 7 days around Mont Blanc, walking on average 6 hours per day. By then, all pain and swelling were gone, no need for a knee brace, just adjustable walking poles. I resumed tennis around that time, first easy and now more advanced.

Finally, I wanted to get back on skis as soon as the snow was back, 8 months after getting injured...and mission accomplie!, full range of motion, in any snow condition and speed, with knee brace.

If you are a candidate for ACL and meniscus repair, I strongly recommend that you go with Dr. Gregory DiFelice as the recovery was extremely fast, the pain gone after 48 hours and the resumption of all activities much sooner than I would have ever expected or heard. Dr. DiFelice was very accessible and gave me the confidence that the repair was the right solution over the reconstruction another hospital had recommended.

I can’t be more thankful.