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Deidre Weiss

Jackson Heights, NY

The deterioration of my right knee and need for surgery was rapid. At just 49, my knee was collapsing from arthritis and it was evident that I would soon loose the ability to walk. Walking just one block was excruciatingly painful and brought me to tears. ME! Miss independent! My cousin, a spinal surgeon, highly recommended Dr. Michael Alexiades with HSS. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I worked hard in the months before surgery. I knew that going in strong could only help me come out strong. This was true. Also true was that I had an excellent surgeon who operates in an exquisite hospital. The level of caring and commitment to patient care and follow up is stellar. Truly, it is a struggle for me to express what a positive experience having a total knee replacement at HSS was for me. My TKR surgery has made me whole again, free from pain, back at the gym, working, and living my life. I regret only that I didn't know there was no reason to be afraid to have the tkr surgery. I lost a lot of sleep and worried too much needlessly.