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Debra Stern

Pelham, NY
  • Debra Stern in the photo 1

Last year was an extremely difficult one for me in terms of my knee health. I began the year with severe pain and lack of mobility due to bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees. Despite trying various conservative treatment options like physical therapy and steroid injections, the pain became unbearable. I made the tough decision to undergo a total knee replacement on my right knee in December 2022. The surgery and recovery were very challenging, but after months of intensive physical therapy, I was able to walk relatively normally again. However, my left knee continued to worsen. I was faced with the same excruciating pain and stiffness and my mobility continued to be impacted. I opted to have a second total knee replacement surgery sooner than I had thought because I trusted the doctors at HSS, specifically Dr. Chalmers. I underwent the second knee surgery in May 2023. While undergoing two major knee surgeries within one year was daunting both physically and emotionally, I am grateful that I will have regained full mobility and have an improved quality of life thanks to my artificial joints and the great team at HSS. My goal was to be able to walk at my kids graduation in June 2023 with no cane!