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Deborah Neglia

Clifton, NJ
  • Deborah Neglia in the photo 1

This was the most important decision I have ever made in my entire life. After 15 years of debilitating pain, I finally made the decision to have my knees replaced. I was referred to Dr. Andrew Pearle by a friend and that is when my life changed. I have my life back thanks to the professionalism and superior medical care given to me by Dr. Andrew Pearle, his staff and the amazing staff at Hospital for Special Surgery. I spent two days in the hospital. Upon returning home I was no longer using a walker or cane. The pain level was never unbearable and the rehabilitation is continuing successful.

I was overwhelmed with emotion the first time I stepped off a curb and wasn't afraid of falling, got out of a car without grabbing on to the door for dear life, went food shopping without dragging my legs with a shopping cart or just being able to walk around the block and play with my grandchildren. They never knew grandma loved life and just didn't watch it go by. My husband was the biggest winner. No longer do I say I can't, I say I can't wait.

I have been told by coworkers they have never known of anyone who can not wait for another surgery, but that is me. My second knee will be done this summer, and I can't wait. Can you imagine life beginning at 57, but I can and am so excited about it. I no longer have to be a spectator in life, I can be a participant who loves life. Thank you Dr. Pearle and staff. I am eternally grateful.