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Deborah Garcia

New York, NY
  • Deborah Garcia in the photo 1
  • Deborah Garcia in the photo 2

My clumsiness and love of sport resulted in two very painful shoulder injuries that then led me to the medical expertise of Dr. Lawrence Gulotta and his amazing team at HSS. I had torn the cartilage in the acromioclavicular (AC) joint of my right shoulder while kayaking and it eroded away over three years. In 2014, when the pain from this and a bone spur prevented me from being active or sleeping at night, I sought Dr. Gulotta’s help. He and physician assistant Daniela LaCara developed a treatment plan that involved injections, physical therapy and then surgery. My right shoulder healed beautifully, and after physical therapy I returned to being very active.

When I tore the cartilage in my left shoulder during a barre class two years later I knew I needed to see Dr. Gulotta right away. He and his team performed the same surgery on my left shoulder and with the help of physical therapists Snehal Patel and Jenna Baynes I was back to biking, running and dancing in my usual uncoordinated manner just three months later. Thank you, Dr. Gulotta, for always taking the time to answer all my questions, repairing both of my shoulders and for having such friendly office staff.