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Debora A. Skinner

East Elmhurst, NY
  • Debora A. Skinner in the photo 1

My greatest happiness following my retirement was volunteering as a docent at the Bronx Zoo. Though I had suffered from bone-on-bone arthritic knee pain for several years, the pain had worsened during the period of inactivity during the pandemic. Once I returned to volunteering in Spring 2023, I was unable to handle prolonged walking and standing for more than a couple of hours, I came to HSS for double-knee replacement. HSS was the only hospital I considered for my surgeries as both my mother and sister had previously had the same procedures at HSS. Dr. Jason Blevins was on the short list of recommended surgeons and I am immensely glad that I selected him. Dr. Blevins and his staff (PA Dr. Jamar Brown, office staff Vanessa and Kiana) are THE BEST. I had my first knee done in August 2023 and by 4 months to the day, I was ready for the second surgery in December. Both surgeries and recoveries went very smoothly and the helpfulness of Dr. Blevins and his team during my rehab was extraordinary. I had my 7-week post-op x-rays and meeting yesterday and my progress has been great. I'm looking forward to starting a new season of volunteering at the zoo in mid-March. Thanks to Dr. Blevins for making the return to my happy place a reality in such a short time.