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Deanna Lasco

New Fairfield, CT
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Growing up, I remember always having hip, groin pain, and "popping" hips; however, because I was young, I thought it was normal and just part of growing up. I went through life playing USTA tennis, running, and dancing. After each tennis match or dance recital, I would always say that my hips hurt, and I thought stretching would help. This method of mine worked for my preteen and teen years until one day, I was running at the gym and I felt the most uncomfortable pop in my left hip. Immediately, I was in excruciating pain but had no idea why. I finally told my mom the extent of my pain and we decided it would be best to see our local orthopedic. My local orthopedic diagnosed my left hip with a small labral tear and recommended that I started going to physical therapy. However, my physical therapist determined that I was in just too much pain. We decided that we should see another doctor for a second opinion. That is when we found Dr. Robert Buly and Hospital for Special Surgery.

In November of 2015, I had my first appointment with Dr. Buly. I remember being so nervous upon my arrival; however, the minute I stepped into his office and met his nurse, Elaine, I was at ease. After reviewing my scans, Dr. Buly spent one full hour with me talking about my lifestyle, what I liked to do, what sports I played, etc. To our surprise, he diagnosed me with bilateral hip dysplasia. He wrote all over my x-rays and explained the condition and treatment in the most calm, warm, and compassionate way. He informed us how he was going to be joined by surgeon Dr. David Helfet for the PAO surgery. I had so much faith in Dr. Buly that I scheduled my first PAO at that first appointment! The morning of my PAO surgery, May 26, 2016, Dr. Buly came in, held my hand, and told me that I was going to be okay. I went into the OR smiling! After that first surgery, I had my screws removed the following March of 2017 and my RPAO that May of 2017.

Dr. Buly is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever come across. He truly makes me feel like family. When people ask me if I was scared for my surgeries, I tell them not even a little bit because I knew I was in the BEST hands with Dr. Buly. I will always remember laying in the hospital bed for both PAOs, and Dr. Buly calling me each night to make sure I was doing okay. One very fond memory I have with Dr. Buly is the fact that he called me after surgery even though he was away preparing for his daughter's wedding! That is just the type of person and doctor that Dr. Buly is. I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful staff, Elaine and Alex. They make me feel like family. Thank you, Dr. Buly and Dr. Helfet, for getting me back in the game and for changing my life forever. I am back playing tennis with NO PAIN!! I am blessed to have found doctors like you!