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Dean Carroll

Amherst, NY

At 47 years old my local doctors told me to wait until I was 55 before they would replace my severely arthritic hip. As a healthcare provider I decided to seek out better providers and found HSS. Dr. Alexander McLawhorn saw that there was no other choice but to intervene. My goal has always been to stay active and run as long as I can. Dr. McLawhorn felt I was a good candidate for a resurfacing. A procedure which most of my local Doctors had never done. He told me I would be able to be as active as I wanted to be after the surgery. Fast forward 1 year later. I have been able to run not one but two 5Ks with only 1 minute per mile added onto my times. Dr. McLawhorn helped me when others would not and now I am doing things like gardening and playing sports I have not participated in years. Thanks Dr. McLawhorn and entire team at HSS for getting me Back in the Game!!!!