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David Zigas

Chestnut Hill, MA
  • David Zigas in the photo 1

I have been very active in bicycling, karate and yoga for 40 years, but in 2014 osteoarthritis in my left hip began to slow me down. I was told by doctors in Boston that I was a candidate for hip replacement, and that activity such as karate, while not strictly prohibited, would have to be limited. I was very upset.

Karate and walking started to become painful, and I was moving around with a limp. Fortunately, I was still able to cycle, with some minor discomfort. A friend of mine at the karate school told me about hip resurfacing, and I began to research doctors who did the surgery. Dr. Su was high on my list. I have to say, one of the happiest days of 2014 was in May when Cameron Kiser, one of Dr. Su's PAs, relayed the news that after looking at my X-rays, they said I was a good candidate for resurfacing.

Dr. Su operated in August 2014, and I am pleased to report that I had a textbook recovery. On 2 crutches for 3 weeks and 1 crutch for one week. After one month I began more strenuous physical therapy, and began "spinning" in my basement. Before Thanksgiving I was hiking the ravines of the Shenandoah Mountains. I started gentle karate moves after 3 mos, and began adding power back after 6, per Dr. Su's instructions. I have no latent issues or residual anything, and can do karate without restriction. Range of motion is better than I remember even before coming down with arthritis symptoms.

Everything about HSS experience was first class. Dr. Su, Dr. Yee, Cameron, the other PAs and the nurses -- this is the gold standard for healthcare, and I feel grateful to have benefited from it. I am not a karate master or champion cyclist by a long stretch, but they mean a lot to me, and this place gave them back to me. I can't think of any higher praise. Check out my video clip of Heian Yondan, one of the traditional Washin-ryu katas taught to me by Master Hidy Ochiai.