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David Vitiello

New York, NY
  • David Vitiello in the photo 1

I tore my ACL skiing many years ago. When it became necessary to have it repaired I spoke to a friend who was the head coach of a Division I College Wrestling program. He recommended Dr. John MacGillivray. The procedure for fixing the problem had advanced to the point where the surgery was minimally invasive and very effective. Dr. MacGillivray repaired my knee and within weeks I was on my way to a speedy recovery. His staff walked me through the entire process, post-surgery, physical therapy, recovery milestones, etc. They literally got me back on my feet and back to my regular exercise routine which is very important to me.

Seven years later I tore one of my bicep tendons. I knew just where to go. Within minutes of seeing me Dr. MacGillivray not only diagnosed the problem but assured me that it could be fixed and that he could simultaneously repair the nagging problem I had with my rotator cuff for ten years. It was reassuring beyond measure to hear this. I would be able to quickly get back to my normal workout routine and activities.

On November 29th I had the bicep tendon reattached and the rotator cuff stapled. I was back at work the next day. We all have things we love in our lives, families, work, communities, etc. Knowing that John and his assistant Pam are there to tune us up and set us back on our way to doing the things that are important to us is one of the wonders of Modern Orthopaedic Medicine.