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David Roya

Neponsit, NY

I am a 69 year old fitness and health food fanatic and have been for over 50 years. Instructor of Taekwondo, yoga, and fitness for many years as well as a nature hiker and cross-country skier. Although remaining at peak fitness, my right hip was so bad, I couldn't make it around the block. I have always been against all medication and Doctors in general. But was not ready to be put out to pasture. I searched for the best hospital and the best surgeon. I got both in Dr. Su and HSS. 5 weeks ago I got a right hip re-surfacing.. I feel blessed. I have my life back. Zero pain. Strength and flexibility are back. Everyday better. I feel fantastic. Never a problem from the operation at all. Only the incision was painful and the medication made me sick. Got off the pain meds in 2 days, but even the aspirin was making me sick[never had it before. My advice to anyone getting hip surgery is to get in peak condition before the operation, and start rehabbing it immediately after surgery. Choose HSS to get the best. Thank you Dr. Su for giving me my life back. I feel no different than I did in my 30's.