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David Morris

Alexandria, VA
  • David Morris in the photo 1

I travel all over the world and my domestic travels are almost daily. I saw several different doctors in several different states before I made a decision as I am very wary of surgeries, especially when it can hinder my work. I was extremely selective. I know I made the right choice with Dr. Westrich and his team. In my opinion, Dr. Westrich is the best. He was knowledgeable, listened to my concerns, understood my position, and worked with me. He is top notch.

Denise Palacios is a miracle worker. As office manager and surgery coordinator, I am amazed at all she juggles so seamlessly. She has always been there for me with my questions or concerns. She goes far beyond what her title dictates and I appreciate her responsiveness and professionalism. She really seems to care.

The team at HSS is amazing, pure and simple. Everyone was so kind and caring and took excellent care of me. There were many people that came in to check on me and I am sad that I can't think of their names, but it is they that made my experience so positive.

I am overjoyed with the results of my surgery. The healing process was work but it went quickly and I healed very well. The whole experience went very smoothly. My travels are kicked back into high gear again. I still need to get my other knee done and when I do, it will be done with Dr. Westrich and HSS.