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David McCrink

Boonton Twsp, NJ
  • David McCrink in the photo 1

I had a waterskiing injury in the Summer of 2020. The moment it happened I could hear and feel a tear inside my body. After 2 MRIs, it was discovered I had torn 2 hamstring tendons off my hip bone. I was referred to Dr. Nawabi at HSS by a top orthopedic physician in NJ. How fortunate I was because I live in NJ and Dr. Nawabi was in HSS in NYC - one of only a handful of surgeons that does this surgery called proximal hamstring tendon repair.

I was called by Dr Nawabi's office after they reviewed my MRI results, letting me know there was urgency to get surgery done because time is of the essence when a tendon needs to be reattached in order to grow back. I was already at 2 weeks after the accident and should be done within 4 weeks. When Dr Nawabi's office called, they said I needed to be in NYC the next morning and I will be having surgery. I also met Dr. Fufa, who assured me that she would personally be tending to my sciatic nerve during the surgery, the anchors that would be inserted into my hip are adjacent to the nerve and had to be carefully protected.

If this type of injury is not repaired, the untethered hamstring tendons and muscles will adhere to the sciatic nerve and easily sheered off causing chronic nerve pain. My surgery was a complete success. I am 60 years old and I was able to resume my main sports (snowboarding and golfing) with have no restrictions! I am very thankful to have been cared for by Dr. Nawabi and Dr. Fufa!