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David Kucher

Norwalk, CT
  • David Kucher in the photo 1

I've been an athlete all my life: gymnastics; cross-country running; weightlifting and bodybuilding. In my forties, I started competing in CrossFit. In my early fifties, the cartilage in my right hip began to erode, causing pain, decreasing mobility and range of motion, and significantly hampering my abilities as an athlete.

After lots of non-invasive treatments that included cortisone shots and supartz injections, I worked with Dr. McLawhorn at HSS on hip resurfacing surgery. At first I was skeptical: I thought any type of replacement surgery was for older people.

With very clear, careful discussion, Dr. McLawhorn guided me through a reading of the x-ray, then worked with me on a decision making process.

Once the pain was significant enough, I scheduled the surgery. Everything worked as planned: surgery date; expected amounts of pain; recovery time.

Two years later: I am back to being a CrossFit athlete, and I remain pain-free in my hip. I have become one of those people who say, "Why did I wait so long to get this done?"