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David G

New York, NY

This is just a review of my office visit with Dr. Cunningham to discuss surgery as I haven't yet had it. Suffering from severe sciatica and calf muscle weakness, I made an appointment with Dr. Cunningham to discuss a possible microdiscectomy to remove the piece of disc impinging my S1 nerve root. I could not have asked for a more sensitive and patient doctor to go through my symptoms, MRI, and options. I NEVER felt the least bit rushed during the office visit, which is rare in NYC, and he made it clear the surgery was, at this point, my decision. He's definitely not "quick to cut" and will tell you what he honestly thinks. His experience in surgery is readily evident as is his training and research. His office staff is also great and if I go ahead with this, I know Tina and his staff will take great care of me, as she has throughout the initial scheduling process.