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David Fowler

New York, NY
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My story beings some 10 years ago when I first started to notice pain in both knees at the same time. The right was worse than that left, but as the years went by the cartilage in both knees slowly dwindled to nothing and I was bone on bone. Leaving me in extreme pain every time I would do anything regarding my knees like, walking, stairs or bike, sat & stood up, bending or running. My quality of life was getting worse and I couldn’t walk 4 blocks without stopping to rest.

When I met Dr. Haas (summer of 2019), I'd already been to 3 previous knee surgeons, whom either told me that they did partial knee replacement, or could do total knee replacement but one knee at a time. Neither of these were an option for me or my busy lifestyle. I wanted total knee replacement for both knees at the same time. The first 3 doctors looked at me like I was crazy because that meant a long stay in a rehab facility from the hospital, but not Dr. Haas. After evaluating me he said that most of his patients go home, and he didn’t see why I couldn’t have both done at the same time.

The surgery took place December 18, 2019, and took about 4 hours. After 2 days PT was in my room getting me on a walker and having me walk up and down the halls. After 4 days I was trying stairs and longer walks. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days and made it home for Christmas Eve.

Thanks to Dr. Haas and his patented microscopic procedures, I no longer have any knee joint arthritic pain and after just 10 weeks, I am back to work and navigating stairs, driving, sitting & standing with no pain and no complications. I am still in PT and muscles are still recovering and there is some tenderness, but that will go away with time and I can bend my knees more than I could pre-op.

Absolutely the BEST thing I’ve ever done! And the care before, during, and after concerning HSS and the staff was the best.