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Dave Ho

New York, NY

My ACL experience began like many others. A basketball lay-up gone horribly wrong. You see the elite athletes on TV and their struggles with coming back and I knew this was not going to be easy.

My day job is as a research analyst, and I obsess over researching to get to the right answer and finding out the right course of treatment for me was no different.

That ultimately lead me to Dr. DiFelice. His passion for his craft really shows. His ground-breaking ACL procedure to just reattach my ACL in my knee led to an ideal outcome....

1) A recovery that was more than half that of a normal ACL patient (just ask my physical therapist)

2) No pain (just soreness post-op).

Even with a full meniscus tear repair, I was jogging in 4 months and in about 6 months, was able to climb the most strenuous hike in Zion National Park.

Thank you Dr. DiFelice!