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Daury Dross

Bronx, NY
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I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old. I had a passion for heavy lifting and at one point I thought I would become a bodybuilder. I never thought that fitness would be my full-time career which I’m super passionate about. After all those years of heavy lifting my shoulders started becoming weaker and my post-workout feeling was a sharp long term pain which was not comfortable at all. I knew that soon enough I had to get it checked out. I met Dr. Riley Williams when he attended my classes at Fhitting Room. After about a month or so I brought it to his attention and told him my symptoms. He had me come in for an MRI. He knew after seeing me that I needed surgery but didn’t scare my soul by telling me that at my first visit. He recommended anti-inflammatories and some rest. I circled back with him after a few weeks and told him I wasn’t getting any better and then prepped me for a life changing surgery. I was nervous about recovery, losing strength and possibly not having range of motion and other things come back to 100%. But was I wrong - his team gave me A+ service and set me up with a one of a kind PT (Snay Patel) who made my time there fun and educational. He taught me how to recover even when I wasn’t with him and gave me exercises, which made me determined to get back to being 100%. I can’t say enough good things about everyone at Hospital for Special Surgery.