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Darin Rumgay

Dublin, Ireland
  • Darin Rumgay in the photo 1

There are two sides to every story in life I think. The one where you suffer through the pain, try alternate medicine and basically try to keep yourself going by whatever means necessary. A soccer injury when I was 19 was the start for me. Basically; I herniated a disc back then and over the years it got worse. I have lived all over the world and suffered with my back everywhere I went; however when I moved to the US in 2015 that was when my problems really started. I met with Dr. Kim in March 2016 and straight away I felt as though I trusted him to do what was best for me. And I was right. You know when you have a gut feeling about someone? He recommended not have surgery at the time and I tried to continue with the disc injections in my back to see if they would help. I have to say they did, but roll forward a year to January 2017 and I went back to meet Dr. Kim again. This time we agreed that my only options were to continue to suffer the way I was or to have the surgery. I chose the surgery as having suffered for the best part of 30 years I had enough. The best decision of my life! I had a spinal fusion L3-L5 on September 12th, 2017; I have two metal rods, 6 screws and two disc spacers in my back now and I feel like a new man. The pain is gone; all the pain I had in my lower back, in my legs and even in my left foot is gone!

On the 4th of July 2018 I went for my first bike ride and cycled 25 miles - pain-free and my back feels brand new!

Without risk there is no reward; I was, as you would expect, extremely worried about the surgery before I had it. Dr. Kim, his team, and the Hospital have been amazing and more concerned about me and my well-being than anything else.

I expect that I won't have to see Dr. Kim again other than having my regular checkup at the hospital and that to me is the best feeling in the world!

Thank You All!