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Dante Fusco

Pelham, NY
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After falling off of the top of a slide on a playground, our very active 6-year-old son Dante broke his ulna and radius in his forearm. After a traumatic ER visit and a forearm reset later, we thought he would be OK. After 2 weeks in a cast we found out his break had shifted and was not healing well. We knew we would need to find a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who would walk us through all our options on how to get our son healed and able to use his forearm again. Thankfully I found Dr. Green through a friend. With the help of Dr. Green and his team, Dante's arm was reset again at HSS. 12 weeks later he is healed, back to playing sports like soccer and basketball, and back to running in recess with his friends. I am so thankful for Dr. Green and all of the care Dante received at HSS!