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Danielle Farber

New Freedom, PA
  • Danielle Farber in the photo 1

My left hip started clicking and grinding during exercise in 2001, and it quickly became painful even just to walk. After many months and several doctors that dismissed my pain, one diagnosed me with bilateral Femoral Acetabular Impingement, labral tears and a cartilage tear. Over the next 11 years, I had five surgeries, but the pain always came back. I was a mom of three and just opened the second location of my business. Living with chronic pain was taking away from my ability to be a good mom to my children, and made running my businesses a challenge. Looking for more answers, my surgeon at the time sent me out to see a doctor in Pittsburgh for another opinion. I was told I also had arthritis and I would have to wait until the pain got even worse and then have a THR. I felt defeated and out of options. For 11 years, I have given up on the sports and activities I loved, and now struggled to do basic things such as grocery shopping and playing with my kids. In 2013, my cousin was also diagnosed with FAI and was treated by Dr. Kelly at HSS. He was back on his feet in no time and had great results. For the next year, my aunt encouraged me to send in my films to Dr. Kelly, but HSS was 4 hours away from where I lived and I didn't think there was anyone else out there who could help. The next Christmas, my aunt, as she always did, asked me again if I sent my info to Dr. Kelly, and not wanting to be asked anymore I just told her yes. A few weeks later, feeling guilty for lying, I finally sent in my packet. A few weeks later, I got a call from his office saying he couldn't help me (I knew it!) but he was sending my info down the hall to someone who could, Dr. Sink (what?!?!). I couldn't believe it! Dr. Sink diagnosed bilateral hip dysplasia that previously had been missed. Fast forward again to today. On Christmas Eve, I will be 1 year post op for LPAO and 1.5 years post RPAO, and for the first time in 14 years I can get through my days without my life revolving around the pain in my hips. To celebrate my 40th birthday, I am going skiing next month in Colorado! I haven't skied in years!!! Every other part of my body might hurt after that trip, but I know my hips are ready! I thank my aunt every day for staying on top of me, and directing me to the best possible place I could have gone!