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Daniella Sison

Westbury, NY
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I just wanted to share my daughter's (Daniella Sison) Back in the Game story.  On November 19, 2014 Daniella had a gymnastics accident - fell off the uneven bars and sustained a dislocated elbow with an avulsion fracture of her medial epicondyle.  We brought her to the local trauma hospital, had closed reduction on the same night and ORIF 3 days later.  The fracture site healed well, but her range of motion didn't. For 3 months, we watched our 9 year old little girl struggle with her daily activities.  In spite of her therapy sessions, she barely made improvements with her elbow mobility. On February 17, 2015 we decided once and for all to seek the medical expertise of Dr. Robert Hotchkiss. We knew right away he would be the answer to our question. He recommended to immediately go for MRI which we did.  On March 9, 2015, Daniella underwent capsulectomy, ulnar nerve transposition and removal of heterotopic ossification.  The surgery was a huge success and her elbow mobility restored!  We received topnotch care from all the medical staff of HSS.  Everyone worked with a passion, we felt it and saw it. By July, after a  month of occupational therapy with Christine Rocchio-Mueller OT and 2 months of physical therapy she went back to the gym without restrictions.  Fast forward to October 25, 2015, she finally participated in her first gymnastics meet (since her injury) and comes out winning 2nd in all events except bars where she placed 3rd.  Our deepest gratitude to Dr. Robert Hotchkiss and the wonderful staff of Hospital for Special Surgery- this victory is for you! She is finally back in the game!

5/31/16: Just a simple update- 14 months since her successful surgery by Dr. Hotchkiss, Daniella wins in the 2016 Level 7 NY State Championships (2nd place Floor Exercise and 5th place Vault). Hope this serves as an inspiration to all. Nothing is impossible if you work hard, believe and get the best possible medical care. Thank you Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. Hotchkiss. We are forever grateful!