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Daniela Matei

New York, NY
  • Daniela Matei in the photo 1
  • Daniela Matei in the photo 2

My name is Daniela and I am a figure skater. I came to Dr. Coleman when I was 12 years old because of terrible hip pain. After going from doctor to doctor, with each telling me to ice my hips and take a few weeks off from practice, my mom finally found out about Dr. Coleman and had me visit him. He had an MRI done and it showed a deep tear in my right hip labrum. The first step was to take some time off from skating and start physical therapy. While physical therapy did alleviate some of the pain, it was not a permanent solution to my injury if I wanted to skate again.

Dr. Coleman then wanted to try a cortisone shot before deciding on surgery because of my very young age at the time. So, I got the shot, but it did not do much in terms of helping with the pain or allowing me to skate again. During the entire process of physical therapy and having the shot, all I wanted to do was skate again. Having skated from a young age, I was used to skating through pain, but Dr. Coleman made it clear that if I tried to skate through this pain, I would only risk doing further damage to my labrum.

Finally, after a few months, we decided that the surgery would be the best option so that I would be able to skate again and ultimately, live a normal, active life. I went on and had the surgery and Dr. Coleman said that everything went very well and I should recover in no time as long as I didn’t push myself too hard. For me, the surgery wasn’t the hard part; it was what came after. The long months of slowly getting my mobility and strength back were painful, but by the time I was able to skate again, everything was worth it. Just four months post-op, I was back on the ice and better than ever.

Since I got back on the ice, I have been able to skate pain-free for the past four years thanks to Dr. Coleman and his amazing team at HSS. Once again, a huge thank you to Dr. Coleman and his wonderful team for making it possible for me to get Back in the Game.