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Daniel Storrs

Bridgewater, CT
  • Daniel Storrs in the photo 1
  • Daniel Storrs in the photo 2

“I WOULDN’T TOUCH YOUR ANKLE WITH A TEN FOOT POLE!” or words to that effect.

My 74-year-old ankle was becoming a major problem. I visited a variety of podiatrists, tried a multitude of orthotics, lace up ankle bracing, Arizona bracing, Bauerfeind bracing, sports ankle taping, icing, etc. Nothing seemed to work and the situation was getting worse. When I walked my foot pointed out, not straight but towards 2:00 on a clock face, it hurt to do any sort of athletic activity, and it was painful to walk up or down hill or laterally.

I am also so fortunate that this recommended foot & ankle surgeon gave me that “TEN FOOT POLE” diagnosis. Why?

1. The surgeon acknowledged that my ankle condition was beyond what he felt were his capabilities

2. The surgeon directed me to Hospital for Special Surgery where I was fortunate to come in contact with Dr. Cody.

Dr. Cody was understanding, attentive, caring & professional as she directed the analysis of my severely deteriorated ankle condition. She was cautious with her analysis, requiring a multitude of x-rays and a weightbearing CT scans. She knew my ankle situation was severe and was cautious as to how to proceed taking more than one visit to analyze what needed to be corrected and how to proceed. For example, should the operation be split into two separate surgeries due to the extensive amount of time that the surgery would require?

Dr. Cody carefully explained how she would repair my ankle, and guaranteed me that I would be able to walk straight without any pain and that the entire healing process would take about 12 months. The surgery was scheduled for the very end of July, & a major question for my wife & I was; “Would we be able to dance at the Valentine’s Dance in February 2021?" Dr. Cody assured us that was doable.

I was able to start walking at the end of October. We went to our winter home in Florida in January 2021. For Valentines Day, we able to dance to our heart’s content. We did two cha-chas, a hustle, our signature dance, Run Around Sue by Dion, our personal favorite, Can I Have This Dance by Anne Murray, & some other dances.

Since then, I have attended many line dance events & additional dances. I can walk upwards of an hour now, easily can get in 10,000 steps AND hills are no longer an issue. Recently I started to take full exercise classes with some hopping, skipping, simple jogging, & jumping jacks, etc. Who knows, are short pickleball games in the future?

In summary, my wife & I cannot say enough wonderful words about Dr. Cody. My ankle was a disaster & she fixed it, so now I can do some physical things with by ten-year-old grandson. Dr. Cody is amazing.