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Daniel Masri

Mexico City, Mexico
  • Daniel Masri in the photo 1

It’s my second time that I have an ACL tear. The first time, I had a reconstruction of the ACL, but this time I searched for a different technique to get back to my normal life without the painful recovery.

Fortunately I found Dr. DiFelice and he was able to do the repair instead of the reconstruction of the ACL.

My experience with the two surgeries was completely different. For the first surgery, it took almost a year to make my life normal with a LOT OF PAIN during the recovery. Undergoing surgery with Dr. DiFelice, I have been WITHOUT PAIN for 4 months and I can now play tennis and I have just returned from a week of skiing. The difference is amazing!

I would also like to thank all the HSS hospital staff. the people were very warm and it was a very pleasant experience.

I highly recommend HSS, Dr. DiFelice and his team. They changed my life.