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Daniel Marshall

Irvington, NY
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On October 20th, I was playing in a modified soccer game for my middle school. After cutting between two defenders, I saw a teammate of mine making a run, and I decided to play a through ball. While I was kicking the ball, a defender kicked the back of my leg, forcing my foot to become stuck in the ground while my body continued to move forward. I heard a loud snap. Sitting on the field while play continued, I realized that not only could I not get up, but my left foot was twisted inwards.

I was taken to the local ER, where it was determined I had a fracture of the tibia that went through my growth plate. I was originally informed by a non-HSS physician of a likely chance that I would end up with a leg discrepancy. Luckily, we found Dr. Levine, who made me feel confident and assured me that my leg would be fixed. At my first visit the day before surgery, he told me to repeat after him, "I will be fine!" After three screws were put in my leg, lying in bed for two weeks, missing 16 days of school, a wheelchair, crutches and physical therapy, I am now fine thanks to Dr. Levine.

During my recovery, I was quite anxious about re-injury. Dr. Levine told me, "Don't be paralyzed with fear, but don't be reckless." This encouraged me to try to live life as normally as possible. I am now back to playing tennis, and thinking about my mental time-table for a return to soccer. Not only is Dr. Levine a great surgeon, but also a caring and insightful person. I am grateful to Dr. Levine and his staff for getting me back in the game.