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Daniel Liburdi

Endicott, NY
  • Daniel Liburdi in the photo 1

I think HSS should be renamed SHSS as it truly is the Special Hospital for Special Surgery.  


There are a number of factors that make the hospital internationally known for its services. Starting with the building itself, the rooms and the facilities. Each are impeccably maintained over its many years of service. Any wear and tear has been carefully repaired by their tireless maintenance crew. All of the individuals that I encountered in the sanitation department smiled as they worked. They greeted me around every corner and were meticulous about their disinfection procedures. 


The moment I entered the hospital I was greeted and directed through a sensibly organized check in. Everyone that I encountered was professional, friendly and provided me with the exact information I needed at that time. From there I was placed in the waiting room with one of the most friendly receptionists I’ve ever met in a hospital organization. She had a smile on her face while she was answering the phone and single-handedly greeting people at the same time. Calming each person down, reassuring them and providing a great sense of ease.


The chaplain was next to greet each individual and provide them with the opportunity for any type of spiritual aid or prayer support. My wife and I enjoyed the view of the East River as we were preparing for me to be admitted. At one point I got up just to take short walk and walked directly into my surgeon, Dr. Alexander Hughes. In his very kind way, he welcomed me to the hospital. He informed me that I was going to be taken on time if not a few minutes earlier due to how efficiently his schedule was going. Again I was calmed each step simply by the amount of genuine compassion I was shown. I was admitted on time spoke, with an extremely professional nurse and then my anesthesiologist. Both of them politely explained their role while smiling behind their masks and ready to address any question. They explained procedures and gave choices by each of them that were critical for my confidence in the process. From the beginning my wife and I were completely pleased and pleasantly surprised each moment we were in preadmission. They gave us full confidence that everything would be anxiety free due to their dedication to their craft. Dr. Hughes entered the room and completely explained how things would progress right down to the minute. The surgery was flawlessly performed in the exact amount of time that was promised. I awoke several hours later in the care of the fourth floor of HSS nursing. 


Dr. Hughes' PA visited me the moment I awoke and twice after that. Dr. Hughes himself arrived within two hours to fully explain details and any questions I had. Each person introduced themselves and explained their role in the facility. Each person operated with the highest level of professionalism and the highest level of compassion and understanding. The food selection and quality is excellent and well thought out. I heard a public celebration one day when I was being taken care of by one of the nurses. She informed me that the manager was celebrating goals and expectations met by staff. What an exemplary way to conduct a business. To facilitate and celebrate the patients recovery and to acknowledge the successes of the coworkers simultaneously. 


Here is the key. HSS is a building, but in reality it is individuals that it houses that gives it the heartbeat of healing. I highly recommend the services performed at HSS and will treasure the friendships I have formed in the brief time spent under their incredible care. 


Sincerely, Daniel Louis Liburdi.  


*I would like to recognize each individual that personally cared for me. And extend the same feelings towards the individuals that are not named.


* Danilo  Espirito - RN 10th floor

* Michael Rivera - PCA

* Danielle Silletti- Nurse Manager 6E.

* Dominga, Adalisa and Maria - Housekeeping

* Anna Krzyzewski - RN

* Rosanna Poblador - RN

* Sydney Robberson -RN

* Maria Torres-Jankowski -RN

* Samantha Carnaxide -RN

* Lidia Orbegoso - PCA

* Germa Cymonisse -PCA

* Heather Quiroz- PCA

* Grijesh  Bari - PCA

* MeGan Mc Laughlin- PT

* Marissa Gutenberg - PT

* Alice Crowley - Case Manager

* Monica Epps - PA

* Brian Lyons -PA 

* Ingrid Fishman -PCA 

* Astley Robinson - RN (Charge) 

* Kristian Enriquez - RN