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Daniel J. Ordan

Riverdale, NY

On Tuesday, April 9th, Dr. Seth Waldman, Director of the Division of Pain Management at Hospital for Special Surgery, diagnosed a 3 cm. ganglion cyst compressing the peroneal nerve of my right leg. 5.5 ml of fluid was aspirated. Why is that significant? Because eight other doctors, affiliated with four other teaching hospitals in New York City, diagnosed my problem as stemming from a herniated disk compressing the nerve at the L5/S1 level. Why is it significant that Dr. Waldman made his diagnosis on Tuesday, April 9th? Because two surgeons, one specializing in neurosurgery and the second in minimally invasive spine surgery, were originally scheduled to operate on my back that day. How can I thank you Dr. Waldman for his insight, creativity and care in hopefully determining and resolving the root cause of my problem? Perhaps it is too soon to determine if it is a permanent fix, but I can report that I am feeling better. As Dr. Waldman predicted, slight twinges continue, and some foot discomfort remains, but nothing of the torturous pain previously experienced. I am indebted to Dr. Waldman and to HSS.