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Daniel Gonzalez

Colonia, NJ
  • Daniel Gonzalez in the photo 1

Dr. Gomoll is my guardian angel - he gave me my life back. What he’s done for me and my family is priceless.

I am a 36 year old male and suffer from osteoarthritis. For 2 years, I dealt with severe pain in my right knee. The simplest task would agitate my knee, like cutting the grass and chores around the house. My knee would swell up instantly. My weekends ruined because all I wanted to do was rest, so the swelling could subside. I’d go to sleep with pain, wake up with stiffness and pain, I’d take three anti-inflammatory pills every other day to help me fight the pain and reduce swelling.

I looked for remedies to help me cope with the pain like taking vitamins and stretching. It barely helped. I began to accept that this was life and there’s nothing I could do to get my quality of life back.

Until one day, someone I knew at my workplace recommended HSS. I then called HSS and explained my issue, they were very helpful and directed me to Dr. Gomoll. From that first visit I sensed that I came to the right place. His calm and welcoming words made me feel at ease. I explained to him what I’d been dealing with, right away he said the words that I’d been praying and hoping to hear, “Yes, I believe I can help you with your problem”. I began to cry instantly because all I heard from previous doctors was, "I’m sorry I can’t help you." Dr. Gomoll suggested I have a distal femoral osteotomy procedure done. I knew nothing about this procedure, but he explained it the best way he could. I was scared and nervous but I knew I was in good hands.

It’s been 3 years since my operation and WOW, it feels like I have a new knee. It was not easy, a lot of hard work and tears but so worth it! Dr. Gomoll, I don’t know how else I can thank you for giving me my quality of life back. My family and I thank you and your wonderful staff for everything you’ve done for us!