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Daniel C.

New York, NY
  • Daniel C. in the photo 1

After 5 years of chronic knee pain, countless visits to various joint specialists, orthopedists, and physical therapists, Dr. James Kinderknecht at HSS finally cracked the code.

Maybe the problem wasn’t in my knee.

While reviewing my history, Dr. Kinderknecht noticed a curious pattern. Whenever my knee pain was at its worst, so unrelenting I could hardly walk down the street, I also felt a sharp, deep pain in my hip. On exam, he observed that while my knee appeared totally fine, certain movements to my hip produced excruciating pain. An x-ray and subsequent MRI confirmed a diagnosis of hip impingement (FAI) and a labral tear. It was hard to believe, but Dr. Kinderknecht assured me that fixing the hip would, in turn, fix the knee.

I was referred to Dr. Anil Ranawat, who, after examining my hip and my long history of unsuccessful PT and cortisone injections, recommended arthroscopic surgery. He explained the kinetic link between the hip and knee, and reiterated Dr. Kinderknecht’s belief that fixing the hip – and reconditioning the muscles around that joint – would ultimately resolve the knee pain. He and his team took excellent care. His PA, MaryClaire, was responsive to every possible question one could have, both pre-op and post-op.

But it was HSS physical therapists Alex Shafiro and Sarah McClean who truly got me back on my feet. PT after hip arthroscopy is no picnic. But Alex coached me through it, encouraging me through the inevitable setbacks, cautioning me from adding too much, too soon, and keeping my eyes on the long-term prize. Sarah worked magic in pool therapy, giving me the confidence to move in the water in ways I couldn’t yet on land.

Six months later, I celebrated my graduation from PT by hiking 6 miles and 2,000 vertical feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.