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Dana Kurzer-Yashin

Philadelphia, PA
  • Dana Kurzer-Yashin in the photo 1

I had an amazing experience with HSS and Dr. Huang and his team. I have had chronic pain from slipped discs since I was 18 but last Spring I developed severe sciatica. My left foot went numb and I could no longer lift it. The first surgeon I consulted told me I needed surgery as soon as possible or I wouldn't recover the ability to lift my foot and tried to schedule me for a spinal fusion the following week. Something didn't feel quite right as we were googling the impact a spinal fusion would have, especially since I'm under 30 years old and would be dealing with lifelong issues related to the fusion. A family friend gave us Dr. Huang's information for a second opinion and we are SO grateful.

Chelsea helped find time in Dr. Huang's busy schedule to meet with us. He spent over an hour with us discussing options at our first appointment, an unheard-of amount of time from any doctor, let alone a surgeon. He listened to my symptoms and took the decision seriously. He was never pushy about one direction or another and made sure that I had the information to feel confident in what we chose. We ended up opting for a discectomy and decompression rather than the fusion because there were fewer long-term risks. I am beyond grateful that I did not get the fusion from the first surgeon I saw. The surgery was a success and I've regained almost full control of my foot, something no one thought would even be possible. Dr. Huang is a compassionate doctor and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any friend or loved one. I feel so lucky to have been connected to him and his incredible, patient, and supportive team.