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Damien Mudge

Long Island City, NY
  • Damien Mudge in the photo 1

I am the World's #1 Professional Doubles Squash player for 14 years running and I was having terrible pain on my right foot on the bottom front part. Had seen other doctors and was misdiagnosed for a year. Finally I found the right doctor. Dr. Rock Positano. He knew exactly what the issue was even before he got the results back from the scan. He got me into the right Orthotics that protected my feet and continue to help prevent ongoing injuries. He told me how to take care of the injury and that's exactly what I did and slowly but surely it began to heal and get me back to full health. I really appreciate everything he has done and how he takes cares of me all throughout this. I still see him for maintenance. I cherish him as a doctor and a dear friend.

Thanks Rock!!!