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Damian Majersky

Nanuet, NY
  • Damian Majersky in the photo 1

Injuries are common in my line of work. As a New York City police detective in the Bronx, my team and I were routinely conducting field enforcement or executing search warrants, etc. Unfortunately, I completely tore my right labrum while helping subdue a suspect. Being active outside of work lifting weights, playing softball and chasing my boys (age 4 and 3), I did not want to hear that. My debilitating shoulder pain made it clear. I had to seek treatment.

Hence begins my story with Dr. DiFelice. I honestly had no prior knowledge of any surgeons at HSS. Having a father who is a doctor, I knew HSS was the place to look. I searched surgeons and saw Dr. DiFelice's impeccable reviews. The icing on the cake was seeing Doc had worked earlier in his career with the St. Louis Cardinals! Being a HUGE Cardinals fan, I knew Doc was my guy.

The first thing I noticed from the start and it still rings true today is Dr. D. speaks to his patients from the heart. It wasn't all medical jargon flying over my head. It was REAL talk. He spoke to me so that I fully understood what my condition was and what needed to be done. My dad (being a physician) always said that if a doctor runs behind on appointments it means he/she is spending quality time speaking to and connecting with their patients. That's Dr. DiFelice. He values his patients and is completely dedicated to his craft.

I had the labrum repair surgery and had 3 anchors placed into my shoulder. Doc also shaved down my collarbone. Post-surgery, I was back at work in full capacity in 5 months thanks to Dr. D.! Moving forward, I know I have to be careful with the activities I partake in. Preserving my shoulder is paramount. I know my limitations and know what I can or can't do anymore. That's because Doc went over all that with me. Coming to terms with that wasn't easy, but speaking to Doc and putting to practice what he preached, I am that much more prepared and comfortable with the alterations I've made in the gym, at work and at home.

Dr. DiFelice and his staff are knowledgeable, competent and friendly. PA Robert O'Brien is always eager to speak with patients and listen. Reception and management are aces all across the board! I owe Doc a lot and am very grateful that he took my case on and improved my life. Thanks Dr. DiFelice!