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Damari Velazquez

Brooklyn, NY
  • Damari Velazquez in the photo 1

The journey began one year ago. When I noticed the pain in my hip was getting worse over time. After a cortisone shot and physical therapy, there was no relief until I met Dr. Sink and Dr. Buly at the Hip Center. They came up with a plan to relieve my hip pain. I was afraid of the unknown of the surgery, but I had confidence in Dr. Sink and Dr. Buly teaming up to get the best possible outcome. I was right- they are the best in their field. They listen to every concern and answered every question. It's been four months post op, and I feel great and so glad I made the decision to have the operation with these compassionate and expert doctors.

My physical therapist is the greatest. I couldn't have recovered as quickly if it wasn't for her go forward and compassionate attitude. I saw her before my surgery and after, and to go through this journey was awesome to have such a compassionate therapist.

Thank you all at HSS.