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Cynthia McGill

New York, NY
  • Cynthia McGill in the photo 1

At the age of three I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. By the age of thirteen I had three spinal fusions.

Two years ago at the age of 51 I suffered from severe lower back pain which radiated down my legs. A MRI showed me to have spinal stenosis with complete cord compression to my lumbar spine. I was then told that surgery would be my only option.

Two years later after the surgery not only was I still in pain , but loss feeling in my left leg. I was told that the pain would eventually go away, but it didn't. I then went for a second and third opinion only to be told that nothing could be done, and I should continue seeing my pain management Dr Wang. Dr Wang suggested that I have a MRI and make an appointment with Dr Schwab. The MRI confirmed that I had pseudoarthrosis which meant that my spine didn't fuse. Within the week I was seen by Dr Schwab. He took one look at my films and told me that some of the screws had loosened and that my shoulders were not in alignment. This was the cause of my pain and the reason for my frequent falls.

My next question for Dr Schwab was "will you be able to help me"? He replied that he would be able to correct the fusion and fix my posture. He said it with such reassurance, and that's when I knew that I was in good hands. But there was one problem he wouldn't be available for the next three months . He explained that he had taken a position at HSS. I was willing to wait. My surgery was scheduled for August 3rd. Dr Schwab walked into the room that morning and asked if I had any questions. When I woke up, Dr Schwab was standing right beside me holding my hand. He said that everything went well.

November 9th I returned to work full time as a hospice nurse on an inpatient unit working 12 hour shifts. And not to worry Dr Schwab I'm practicing my BLT (no bending, lifting or twisting). I now stand tall with even shoulders, pain is at a minimal and I am so pleased at the outcome.

Dr Schwab is the greatest. Words cannot describe how magnificent he is. From his bedside manner to him calling my son everyday updating him on my progress, he really cares about his patients.

I also would like to extend my gratitude to those who assisted Dr Schwab in getting me Back in the Game.