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Curt Hostetter

New York, NY
  • Curt Hostetter in the photo 1
  • Curt Hostetter in the photo 2

I am 68-years-old and have a history of knee problems. I’ve had 2 surgeries to repair a torn meniscus and 1 total knee reconstruction 35 years ago. Lately my arthritis has become so advanced that it is rare to walk without pain. A doctor recommended both knees be replaced. I had hip resurfacing at HSS 5 years ago and was very please with the outcome, so I contacted them. Dr. Gregory DiFelice responded right away. After a consultation he recommended only partial replacement of one knee and full replacement of the other. He completed the partial on November 19th, 2021, and I left the hospital on crutches 8 hours later. I used a cane for only two days. I have been doing PT twice a week and exercising every day. I am astonished at the progress. The pain from surgery has always been manageable, and now I am very, very sore, which is to be expected. But no knee pain! The expertise and professionalism of Dr. DiFelice and his team, indeed all of HSS, is admirable. I would recommend anyone with pain that prevents the activities that make a meaningful life to put yourself in the hands of a team of reliable surgeons, take advantage of this amazing medical procedure, and return to normalcy. I am a little more than 7 weeks from surgery. I go up and down stairs and do extensive exercise every day. I am very ready for my next surgery - my full replacement - and feel confident I will be returning to my active life of travel, hiking and diving in the very near future.