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Craig L.

Mahwah, NJ

I had been experiencing severe 'blow torch' pain in my right calf for 12 years and went to many spinal surgeons who recommended either pain management or Physical Therapy. Neither worked and the pain continued to get worse and almost unbearable. I used to be very athletic and enjoyed an active life and was relegated to being a couch potato.

I was referred to Dr. Qureshi and saw him in May 2017. I researched his experience and education and was amazed how lucky I was to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced pioneer. His smile and professional and confident manner comforted me from the start and his evaluation was that my L4 vertebrae was 1/2 inch out of alignment and needed to be fused and corrected. His prognosis was definitive and reassuring ... correction of the alignment would give me full relief of the pain and I would be able to live a great life again. Not a single doctor I saw during the prior 12 years gave me such reassurance and confidence.

I literally cried when he confidently told me that he could and would fix my spine and relieve my pain.

He performed the operation on July 20, 2017. I will never forget the smile on his face when he came into my room post op and described how he found the nerve that was the cause of my 12 year bout with pain, how he corrected it, and the reassurance that I would not have that pain again and gave me a full reassurance of the time frame of recovery, what to expect in recovery, and that I would be able to resume my formerly active life - pain free.

Today marks the 3 week point from the operation. I was able to take my two 3 year old labrador retrievers on 1 1/2 mile walks 10 days after the operation and have taken them on daily 2 mile walks since! And they tire before me! In time I look forward to getting back into the gym and get back to street and mountain biking. I already feel stronger, more confident when I walk, and much better balanced.

It took 12 years for me to find Dr. Qureshi. He was the dream doctor who I knew was out there and had to find to fix this problem. His reassuring manner, tremendous skill, professional knowledge, and confidence were indeed life changing. I cannot thank him enough for giving me a second chance at living a no holds barred life again! He preformed a miracle and exceeded my dreams in all ways possible and I am in debt to him for giving me the ability to once again enjoy my life.

It's been only three weeks! I am strictly following his instructions and am not pushing the recovery even though I feel that I can get back onto my street bike once again to grind out the miles. I haven't been on it in 7 years - I used to bike 300 miles a week.

Meeting Dr. Qureshi was indeed one of the highlights of my life - he gave me a second chance of living my life to the fullest - pain free. I plan on sending more updates as time progresses and I am able to do more!

The video that I am posting was taken THE DAY AFTER THE FUSION! Literally less than 24 hours after the operation, and the first walk that I took pain free after 12 years!