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Craig Comperatore

Wayne, NJ

I was involved in a car verses bicycle accident. I had failed shoulder surgery post-accident where the surgical repairs resulted in periods of acute pain. I was told by that surgeon there was nothing that could be done. I went to see Dr. Taylor where he reviewed my history and imaging. He sent me for some additional testing to ensure we identified all possible causes of the pain I was experiencing. He was able to discover the root cause of my extreme and sudden period of pain. From there, we developed a pre- and post-surgical plan.

Why did I decide to move forward with a second surgery? First, Dr. Taylor's number one concern was that I had a favorable outcome and I was comfortable with what was being recommended. Second, I read his patient notes on me, which were 100 percent accurate. I could not have written the details better, which meant he was listening. Third was the method that he set for my pre- and post-surgical requirements and expectations. He even gave me a call just prior to ensure I was 100 percent comfortable and on board. Today my shoulder is pain-free and I'm back on the slopes and swimming pain-free.