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Cordero Perez

New York City, NY
  • Cordero Perez in the photo 1

I broke my scaphoid via a sports-related injury on April 17th, 2021. The ER advised I see a hand surgeon and I found Dr. Save at HSS. The initial meeting with Dr. Save was great! His team took scans of my wrist to verify the bone was broken (this bone is a bit problematic to see a break in initially), then he explained my options to me and the complications associated with each. He gave me time to consider everything and I ultimately decided to go with surgery because I needed to be back to work as soon as possible. I had my surgery on April 29th, 2021, and it went smoothly! Two weeks later I had stitches removed and was given a brace so that I could perform work duties with minimal hiccups (computer programming, nothing strenuous lol). Dr. Save advised that I should be good to go within a few more months and he was right. I recently had a checkup that verified fracture healing and now I'm about 6 weeks into physical therapy with roughly 70% of my range of motion back. This recovery was so quick, the care was awesome, and there was plenty of scans and imaging to verify everything before and after surgery. I recently went hiking, I am getting back into sports, and I never expected to be able to enjoy my summer and be ready for work and Dr. Save made it happen. I am super grateful for HSS at NYP and I recently referred a close friend of mine to Dr. Save because he is an expert in his field.