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Constance Keim

Essex Fells, NJ
  • Constance Keim in the photo 1

After struggling with Achilles pain for years, I could play golf only once or twice a week using a golf cart. I could not walk a 1/2 mile without severe pain. The diagnosis was Haglund’s Syndrome with not enough healthy Achilles to salvage. Repurposing a tendon in my foot I did not need (flexor hallucis longus). HSS and Dr. Levine got me back on the golf course in under 4 months. Surgery at HSS was on November 30, 2021 and I was playing at the Cloister Sea Island on March 21, 2022. Now I’m 100% pain-free, playing golf 3 or 4 times a week and able to walk my home course regularly. The surgery and recovery were seamless. An Achilles reconstruction would require 8-10 weeks that are non-weight bearing. What is wonderful about my experience is that HSS and Dr. Levine defined the problem, explained the solution, and most importantly set the correct expectations. Having such a skilled surgeon was key. From first meeting to full recovery, HSS and Dr. Levine took excellent care of me. I’ve gotten my life back, and I am so grateful. Thank you!