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Constance Breslin

New York, NY
  • Constance Breslin in the photo 1

I was fortunate to come at a time when Dr. Jonathan Kirschner was in the process of conducting a trial on extreme tendinosis relating to bursitis of the hip. I entered the trial. I cannot tell you how improved I am - I don't know which of the 2 procedures in the trial I received, but I can say 90% improvement within 12 weeks. I couldn't walk a half block without pain, now I can walk and walk, and if I feel a twinge, stop for a moment, and resume. Dr. Kirschner is a wonderful doctor! I had PT with Jessica Hettler, who helped me with my exercises. I went to her 4 weeks after the procedure, and had 6 sessions with her which helped me tremendously in my recovery.