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Connie Williams

Bronx, NY
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I had been told three years ago after the discovery that the bone had detached itself in my right ankle that there was nothing that could be done and there was no need to seek help.

Then, I started collapsing and demanded an MRI. It revealed volumes, and I was advised to consult a specialist. Dr. Martin J. O'Malley was my first and only choice. I felt very welcomed, relaxed, respected and comfortable with him and his knowledge of his field. He patiently explained matters to me. Although I did not comprehend it all, he broke it down and used the x-rays to assist me. What I like about Dr. O'Malley the most is his patience and the love he shows for the work he does and not necessarily the monetary benefits of his field. Although that's important, he has a heart. When I called while I was at home, he immediately responded and give the appropriate advise. His staff were hospitable and respectful as well and expedient with the necessary paperwork that I needed.